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What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing means advertising for products or services using various methods and technology. Wide ranges of Digital mediums or channels could be used such as Search engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Apps, Website Optimisation etc. to ensure an effective and successful Digital Strategy.

Why Digital Marketing?

One of the reasons why Digital Marketing is getting higher attention due to it’s sheer capability to interact with targeted clientele in real time. Those days of traditional marketing techniques are long gone. To become a successful business, irrespective of size of the business every business must implement an efficient and effective Digital marketing Strategy.

Digital Marketing Career

Due to the sheer demand in this sector, a digital marketeer could earn on average £40,000 annually. (Source: Glassdoor Salary Checker, UK). As it is a transferable skill, it means you can work anywhere in the world. Moreover, the industry is growing rapidly which means greater employ-ability.

Digital Marketing Qualifications

Our Digital Marketing Qualifications are developed in Association with Google.  We offer Total Digital Marketing Course which combines all major skills required to be a successful Digital Marketeer. You can also join a complementary Internship at the end of your course.

In taking the Total Digital Marketing Course with our Institute, you will make one of the greatest decision of your career.

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Why Digital Marketing Training at Osborne Training

  • We are well known for quality
  • Tuition led by Industry Expert Tutors
  • 24/7 Access to our State of the Art Virtual Learning Campus
  • Free High quality study material
  • We provide Flexible payment option
  • Join Digital Marketing Training as Pure Online Delivery from home.
  • Option to Join Digital Marketing Internship with UK Digital Marketing Agency for 3 months at the end of the training
  • Your CV will stand out from the crowd
  • Tutorial Support from expert tutor
  • Student Discount Card from NUS*
  • Free Tablet PC*
  • Practical Hands-on Projects, Assignments and Group-work for greater skills enhancement
Osborne Training
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Osborne Training
What Our Students Say
Osborne Training

Jane Keely, Digital Marketing Executive, Global-Hunt Tech

“I was hesitating to go for the online course as this was my first time. I really appreciate the personal attention that was shown while explaining and going through the details of Digital Marketing Course syllabus. Tutor support was fantastic as I could email the tutor and get response almost immediately. The Internship at the end of the course was great learning experience, as I was able to apply skills learned from the course into a real scenario. Two months after completion I was able to land my dream job in Digital Marketing  ”

Osborne Training

Dilip Patel, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

“The best thing about the Course was it was highly practical focused. I have learnt how to optimise websites, SEM Practical issues,  Social Media Marketing Techniques and many more topics a professional digital marketeer requires. The assignments were highly useful with the guided feedback. The course helped to enhance my skills and confidence needed to open my own Digital Marketing Agency. I am now planning to send my 5 staffs to sign up for this course”

Osborne Training

Syneider Taylor, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Arcadia Group

“The Digital Marketing course at Osborne Training was a great opportunity to get a broad overview of all aspects of a digital strategy. It was very enjoyable course with lots of practical and strategic tips. The tutor was always there and I made lots of friends through Virtual Learning Campus. It was a great opportunity for networking and gaining insight into the Digital Industry. I would definitely recommend to anyone who are seriously thinking about a career in digital marketing sector.”

Our Success Story by Numbers

4.9 OUT OF 5

Trusted Review Rating

We never knowingly compromise our quality. That’s why our Student reviews simply rate us at 4.9 out of 5 on average to recognise our efforts.

8 OUT OF 10

Career Success

8 out of 10 people begin a career within 2 months of course completion. Some went on to become Digital Marketing Entrepreneur.


Received A Pay Rise

More than 91% employed people in Digital Marketing Sector received pay rise after training, due to greater skills development and greater productivity.

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