AAT Accounting Qualification: Your ultimate path to a career in accounting

AAT Accounting Qualification: Your ultimate path to a career in accounting


So, you completed your schooling and aspiring to be a certified accountant. Now, what next? Besides, what if you also don’t have accountancy experience to begin with?
The short answer is “AAT accounting qualification“.

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is the world’s leading professional accounting body. It offers an accredited route into accountancy even to the absolute beginners.

So, here’s how it all goes: You step by step enhance your accounting and finance skills while moving from the bottom up to the top levels of AAT accounting qualifications. These levels include:
1. Foundation level (AAT Level 2)
2. Advanced level (AAT Level 3)
3. Professional level (AAT Level 4)

Once you have completed your final or professional level of the AAT qualification, i.e. Level 4 qualification, you’ll have a full AAT Accounting Technician qualification.

And then, you can use that highly sought-after designation; MAAT, that distinguishes you from the crowd by a wide margin.

Besides, you’ll also have gained enough knowledge and experience that is essential to pursue other professional qualifications such as ACCA, CIMA, and ICAEW (Chartered accountancy).


A. Courses Available for AAT Level 2, 3, and 4

Being a dedicated and AAT approved accounting training provider, Osborne Training offers courses for all these three levels of AAT qualification in the form of:

A1. Standalone AAT Courses:

  • AAT Level 2: A great starting point for beginners.
  • AAT Level 3: The Next course where things start to get advanced.
  • AAT Level 4: Best suited for students who have completed their AAT Level 3 and are ready to take things to the professional level.
    • The average course duration is 8-10 months.
    • This qualification is equivalent to a Higher National Certificate (HNC).
    • Course accredited by AAT itself and recognised by Ofqual.
    • Provides 400 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) that help grasp even the complex AAT Level 4 modules effortlessly.
    • Flexible payment options.

A2. Bundled Courses (Fast Track)

Osborne Training offers two combo courses for beginners and intermediates who are committed and looking to fast-track their accounting career in a cost-effective way.

  • AAT Level 2 + AAT Level 3 Bundle: An accountancy kickstart course bundle for beginners.
  • AAT Level 3 + AAT Level 4 Bundle: A Recommended combo if you have completed the Foundational level and are aiming to conquer all the remaining levels of AAT accounting qualifications.
    • This is what 87% of the students prefer to go with, which has made it the best-selling course bundle.
    • The average course duration is:
      • Advanced level: 6-7 months,
      • Professional level: 8-10 months.


B. Study methods

Osborne Training understands the needs of each and each learner and strives to make learning accessible from anywhere. So, you get a plethora of study options for Professional level and other levels to choose from according to your situation. These study modes include:

  • Classroom-Based Learning: Choose any of the study centres in the UK such as London or Watford and get started.
    • Classes are conducted in the Evenings and on the Weekends
  • Online Live learning: If you are far from the study centres in the UK, don’t fret, you’re still covered.
    • Join in the Live Interactive Online Classes through State-of-The-Art Virtual Learning Campus.
    • And if you had it missed, you also get in-depth recorded webinars (Video Lectures).
  • Distance learning: Let’s say you’re super busy but the passion for advancing your career is your top priority, then this is just for you. This self-paced study mode helps you learn when you want to learn with the help of:
    • Study Material, and
    • Online study Material through Virtual Learning Campus.
      To know in detail about What else is included in each study mode, click here.


C. AAT Level 2, 3, and 4 Modules/Syllabus

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting covers the following areas:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Bookkeeping Controls
  • Elements of Cost
  • Work Effectively in Finance
  • Using Accounting Software (i.e SAGE)


Next, The AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting covers the following areas:

  • Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Final Accounts Preparation
  • Indirect Tax
  • Management Accounting: Costing
  • Ethics for Accountants
  • Spreadsheets for Accounting


And finally, here’re the AAT Level 4 Modules for Professional Diploma in Accounting:

  • Management Accounting: Budgeting
  • Management Accounting: Decision and Control
  • Financial Statements of Limited Companies
  • Accounting Systems and Controls
  • Business Tax
  • Personal Tax


How to Enrol/Apply for AAT course?

Please get in touch at 0203 608 7179 or fill up the enquiry form available at Contact us page for course fee and starting dates of the next AAT Level 4 course or any other AAT accounting qualification course.


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