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AAT FAST TRACK ACCOUNTING: Benefits of Two AAT Approved Courses bundled in a single economical package
Osborne Training
Osborne Training
  • Recommended for intermediates having basic accounting knowledge
  • Up-skills you for roles such as Finance officer 

A. What is AAT Level 3 & 4 Course?

AAT Level 3 & 4 are the Intermediate and Professional levels of AAT qualification in Accounting. These two levels are a part of the three mandatory qualification levels required to be an AAT Accredited Accountant. 

AAT Level 3 is an intermediate or advanced level of AAT accounting qualification. By the end of this course, you’ll be competent enough to work in a finance, accountancy, or bookkeeping role.

AAT Level 4 is the highest level of AAT accounting qualification. This course covers specialist learning areas, complex management accounting task, and general management skills.

After the completion of this course, you get eligible to work in top level roles such as ‘Finance Officer’. Moreover, you also get to have an opportunity to be a professional member of AAT and use the reputed ‘MAAT’ designation after your name.

B. Course Details

Osborne Training

Average Completion Time

•  Level 3 : 6-7 months,
•  Level 4 : 8-10 months

Osborne Training

Study Modes Available

➜  Classroom-based

➜  Online Learning

➜  Distance Learning

Osborne Training


• AAT Level 3: Diploma in Accounting Certificate

• AAT Level 4:  Diploma in Professional Accounting Certificate

Course Fees

Course Mode of Study
Classroom Based Online Live Distance Learning
Regular Fee Discounted Fee Regular Fee Discounted Fee Regular Fee Discounted Fee
AAT Fast Track (Level 3&4) Accounting £4,590 £3,595 £3,890 £2,095 £2,362 £1,445

*Discounted Fees are available for Limited Period.

Payment Options

You may choose any of the following options to pay for your course

By Debit/Credit Card: You can pay in full on our website using the Enrol Online option. You may be eligible to claim a free Tablet PC (Eligibility Criteria Applies, Find More Here)

Flexible Payment Option: You may consider paying your fees over 6, 9, or 12 monthly instalments at 0% Interest through Student Loan. Initially, you pay 10% of the course fees and the rest of the amount over the loan period as a monthly direct debit. Our payment plans are provided by Duology Finance, any credit agreement you enter into is subject to a credit check and will be governed by Duology/Omni Capital Retail Finance’s terms and conditions. (Find More Here)
Employer Funded: If your current employer is likely to fund the Course, please send us your employer details (Name, Address, email address, Telephone, and Contact Person) and we will send a Customised Course proposal to ensure a smooth enrolment experience. An invoice for the Employer can also be raised if required. (Find More Here)

Once payment is completed, please complete the enrolment form provided in the welcome/Course Enrolment Confirmation email.

Booking with Deposit

Fees are discounted for a Limited period, therefore early booking is always advisable, you can book your course by paying as little as £100 Deposit* especially if you are not ready to start your course now. Therefore, even when the course fee increases it does not affect you. When you book with a deposit, we can book your place for 6 months from the payment date. If you start the course within 6 months of the booking the deposit amount will be deducted from the total Course fees.

Click Here to book with a deposit.

*Please note, all deposit payments are non-refundable.

If you have further questions about the course please complete the “Get Course Information Kit” form to get the updated fee information.

On completion, you should receive an email with the updated course fee information & available Course start dates. One of our course advisors will also be in touch to check whether you require any further support.

Additional Fees:
AAT Registration Fees – Payable to AAT within 4 weeks of enrolment:
• Level 3 Diploma in Accounting – One-off registration fee – £225
• Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting – One-off registration fee – £240

AAT Fees are subject to change, please check on the AAT website for current fees, all fees are correct at the time of publication.

Exam Fees are not included in the course fee, please Click Here to find the current exam fees.

Additional 10% Discount Available for Individuals who are working or worked within the last two years, as a key worker in the following sector:

  • NHS
  • Health and Care
  • Supermarkets
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Security
  • Armed Forces


  1. Evidence of employment is required
  2. Course funding must be by the individual
  3. Discount is not available with any other offer

C. Why Take this Course?

  • Build a remarkable reputation: Complete all the three AAT Levels to earn the highly regarded ‘MAAT’ status.
  • A bright future: It provides you an opportunity to progress to chartered accountancy.
  • Increase your salary: Up-skill yourself and increase your earning potential.
  • Work overseas: AAT qualifications are recognised internationally, giving you the freedom to work abroad.
Osborne Training


✓   AAT Approved training provider
   Hand-picked expert & experienced tutors
   High-quality study material
   Exam preparation kit
   24/7 online access to VLC ( Virtual Learning Campus)
  Cheaper Exam Fees for Osborne Training Students

   Flexible payment options
   Expert tutorial support
   Exam booking service
   Student Discount Card from NUS
  Access to Career Hub for 3 Months (Find More)
  Complementary Excel and English for Business courses (Find More)

Osborne Training

Syllabus Summary

The Level 3 Diploma in Accounting covers the following areas:

  • Business Awareness
  • Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements
  • Management Accounting Techniques
  • Tax Processes for Business

The Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting covers the following areas:

  • Drafting and Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Applied Management Accounting
  • Internal Accounting Systems and Controls
  • Accounting Systems and Controls
  • Business Tax
  • Personal Tax
Osborne Training
Osborne Training

E. Study Options

Osborne Training

Classroom Based

We offer Evening and Weekend sessions for AAT Level 4 at our various centres in the UK.

➤  What’s Included in the Classroom-Based Learning Package?

Osborne Training

Online Live

Live Interactive Online Classes are offered through our State of The Art Virtual Learning Campus (VLC).

➤  What’s Included in the Online Live Package?

✓  You get in-depth recorded webinars (Video Lectures) for various topic areas covering all units in AAT Level 3 and AAT Level 4 Professional Qualification.

✓  In addition, you also get a total of Four live sessions for AAT Level 3 and Five Live sessions for AAT Level 4, the live sessions work as revision sessions giving the students the opportunity to ask any questions in real-time.

✓  The classes usually take place on Mondays evenings.

✓  All live teaching sessions are recorded even when you miss them.

Osborne Training

Distance Learning

Self Study with Study Material and access to Online study Material through Virtual Learning Campus.

➤  What’s Included in the Distance Learning Package?