AAT Level 2 & AAT Level 3: AAT Fast Track Accounting

AAT FAST TRACK ACCOUNTING: Benefits of Two AAT Approved Courses bundled in a single economical package
Osborne Training
Osborne Training
  • Recommended for beginners with no accounting experience
  • Up-skills you for roles such as Bookkeeper and Finance officer 

A. What is AAT Level 2 & 3 Course?

AAT Level 2 & 3 are the Beginner and Intermediate levels of AAT qualification in Accounting. These two levels are a part of three mandatory qualification levels required to be an AAT Certified Accountant. 

AAT Level 2 course covers the foundational areas and is suited for people with limited or no accounts knowledge. It is the first step for aspirants intending to build a successful career in accounting.

The course by taking you through basic accounting principles will enable you to work in an entry-level role in accounting or finance department. 

AAT Level 3 is an intermediate or advanced level of AAT accounting qualification. By the end of this course, you’ll be competent enough to work in a finance, accountancy, or bookkeeping role.

B. Course Details

Osborne Training

Average Completion Time

• Foundation: 6 months,
• Advanced: 6-7 months

Osborne Training

Study Modes Available

➜  Classroom-based

➜  Online Learning

➜  Distance Learning

Osborne Training


• AAT Level 2: Foundation Certificate in Accounting

• AAT Level 3: Advanced Diploma in Accounting certificate

C. Why Take this Course?

  • Build a remarkable reputation: Complete all the three AAT Levels to earn the highly regarded ‘MAAT’ status.
  • A bright future: With an opportunity to progress to chartered accountancy.
  • Increase your salary: Up-skill yourself and increase your earning potential.
  • Work overseas: AAT qualifications are recognised internationally, giving you freedom to work abroad.
Osborne Training


   AAT Approved training provider
   Hand-picked expert & experienced tutors
   High-quality study material
   Exam preparation kit
   24/7 online access to VLC ( Virtual Learning Campus)

   Flexible payment options
Expert tutorial support
Exam booking service
   Student Discount Card from NUS

Osborne Training
Osborne Training

Syllabus Summary

The AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting covers the following areas:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Bookkeeping Controls
  • Elements of Cost
  • Work Effectively in Finance
  • Using Accounting Software (i.e SAGE)

The Level 3 Diploma in Accounting covers the following areas:

  • Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Final Accounts Preparation
  • Indirect Tax
  • Management Accounting: Costing
  • Ethics for Accountants
  • Spreadsheets for Accounting
Osborne Training
Osborne Training

E. Study Options

Osborne Training

Classroom Based

We offer Evening, Weekend and Daytime sessions for AAT courses in London, Watford, Birmingham and various other locations.

➤  What’s Included in the Classroom Based Learning Package?

Osborne Training

Online Live

Our state of the art Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) enables you to interactively attend AAT Level 2 and 3 accounting classes online in real-time for live learning.

➤  What’s Included in the Online Live Package?

Osborne Training

Distance Learning

Self-Study with Study Material and access to Online study Material through Virtual Learning Campus.

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