Practical Accountancy Training

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions about practical training, please contact a training adviser on +44 (0)203 608 7179 

+Why do I need to pay?

We do not get any Govt. funding for the Practical Accountancy training programme, so to cover the costs of training, candidates pay the fees.

+Can I pay in instalment?

Our practical accountancy training fees are already discounted. If you pay in full upfront, you get a Free Tablet PC. If you want to pay by installments you can apply for Student Finance, where you will pay 10% of the course fee initially and rest of the course fee you can pay over 12 monthly installments. There is no interest to pay.

+Can I only do Job Placement?

No, enrolment & completion of at least one of the following training package is mandatory

+Where does the training take place?

The training takes place at Osborne Training  in a classroom environment or through our State of the Art Virtual Learning Campus under the supervision of a qualified mentor.

+Can I get job after completion of training?

Can I get job after completion of Accounting training?

There is no guaranteed job promised to our candidates, however, we work with several recruitment agencies to help the trainee to find jobs.

We also help candidates find a job by offering CV Sessions and mock interviews.

+Which job role does the training cover?

After completion of the training, candidates can apply for various accountancy job roles including Bookkeeper, Assistant Accountant, Senior Accountant Role etc.

+Can I do the training although I don’t have any previous experience on SAGE?

The Practical Accountancy training is suitable for candidates from all different background of knowledge.

+Can I do the Practical Accountancy training although I don’t have any accountancy experience?

Having accounting experience can give you an advantage but not necessary. However, we expect our candidate to have basic accounting knowledge.

+Where I get the practical experience. Is it separate from the training?

The good news is once you finish any eligible Practical Accountancy training you will be allocated to our sister firm Osborne Certified Accountants where you will be taking  a role of Accounts Assistant for three months, which is also counted towards practical experience as you will be working on real client data, which sometime is a requirement for professional accountancy bodies (e.g. ACCA, AAT, CIMA)

+Do you offer job here in your firm?

When we have vacancies available we prefer our students who have performed well.

+How long is the job placement and how many days a week?

Job placement is offered 3 months initially(Once a week) but can be extended further depending on performance of the candidate.

You have to go through an assessment before extending further. Candidates are promised only 3 months. Further extension depends on both party agreements.

+What is the difference between job placement and training?

During job placement you will perform tasks with real client data, whereas the training will take place in a classroom environment.

+Do I get paid for job placement?

The job placement is voluntary, it is assumed to be unpaid.

+Where does the job placement take place?

The job placement will take place in Osborne Certified Accountants at the same premise of the training so luckily, you do not have to travel to other places.

+Does the training programme meet the CPD requirements towards membership for my professional qualification e.g. ACCA

Yes. Our courses are counted for CPD. You can claim the no of hours you spent during the training.

+What certificate do I get?

You get certificate for completion from our centre which states the modules you completed.

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