AAT Qualification – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions about AAT qualifcation , please contact a course adviser who would be more than happy to help you. Dont forget you can also visit AAT website for more information on aat qualification and exams information.

Yes, Normally you can. Please contact an enrolment consultant to find more about the Finance options available. (level 2/3/4).

Otherwise you may pay in full and receive a Free Tablet PC.

Classroom Based – The training takes place at Osborne Training Centre in a classroom environment under the supervision of a qualified Teacher.

We are based in Stratford, East London.

Online Live – Through our state of the Art Virtual Learning Campus, that allows students to easily interact with instructors and fellow students in-person virtually.

Distance Learning – Where you will self study at your own pace with the materials provided Online and Offline.

There is no guaranteed job promised to our candidates. However, we help candidates find a job by offering CV Sessions and mock interview. AAT qualification is highly in demand in the job sector, so with better preparation you are very likely to get a job related to aat qualification.

We offer evening, weekend and daytime sessions, please contact an advisor to find out in more detail.

It depends on the timetable. Normally, it’s not a problem; however, speak to a senior advisor for more information.

The AAT course is suitable for students from all different background of knowledge. However, for Level 3 & 4 you may have to go through Initial screening to verify suitability.

You get course books, practice papers and many other valuable resources.

You get certificates at the end of each level finished from AAT.

The AAT courses are provided on part time basis.

For each level you need to attend one day each week.

Study materials are included; however, exam fees are not, exam fees are normally between £50-£90 per unit, except ICAS project where the Assessment Fee is £150.

It means if you fail your exam on the first attempt, you can still get tuition until you pass for that module free of charge depending on the availability and timetable.

When you enroll for Level 2 you get the sage course for free. If you enroll for Level 3 you get Level 3 for Free.

Yes, it is mandatory that students register with AAT. AAT Charges one-off admission fee and annual subscription fee for student members. If you are not sure about the process, ask your tutor who will be able to help you on that. Or otherwise you may contact AAT to find more about the membership procedures.

You can book your exam through VLC (Virtual Learning Campus) Course Page. Otherwise, you may book over the phone. For External students, please book it through the AAT Exams page on the website.

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