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ACCA Courses Overview

The ACCA Qualification is designed to provide the accounting knowledge, skills and professional values which will deliver finance professionals who are capable of building successful careers across all sectors. Whether they are working in the public or private sectors, practising in accounting firms, or pursuing a career in business. The ACCA Qualification is your route to professional status. Therefore, making a decision to study ACCA courses at Osborne Training will be one of the biggest decision you would make for your career.

How long is the ACCA Study program?

Depending on the entry point, the ACCA courses can take approximately 2 to 4 years to complete. However, it depends on whether the student is passing examinations regularly. As an ACCA Student you are permitted to take up to 8 exams in a year.

ACCA Courses Assessment

Assessment is by external examination by Computer Based Exam (CBE) or Paper Based Exams (PBE) depending on the units.

Mode of Study

Distance Learning through our Virtual Learning Campus. Currently we offer only Applied Knowledge Level and Applied Skills Level Courses.


Why Study ACCA at Osborne?

  • We are well known for quality, a highly recognised ACCA Tuition Provider in London
  • We have highly expert tutors
  • Free High-quality study material
  • Books delivered to your address
  • Flexible payment  option – Installments available
  • Free exam preparation kit
  • Your CV will stand out from the crowd
  • Tutorial support from the tutor by email
  • Student Discount Card from NUS*
  • Free Tablet PC for a limited period
  • ACCA Approved Learning Provider
  • Access to Career Hub for 3 Months (Find More)

*Terms apply

Entry Requirements for ACCA Qualification

Students with two A-Levels and three GCSEs in five separate subjects (including English and Maths) or with a non-relevant degree or NVQ qualification can proceed directly on to the Applied Knowledge level.

ACCA Exemptions

Holders of higher qualifications (including those who are AAT qualified and those who are relevant degree holders) may attract exemptions from some of the ACCA examinations. Please contact ACCA directly to for ACCA exemption queries.

Please note, to be eligible to enter the examinations you will need to register as a student with ACCA.

Progression upon completion

Upon completion of the Knowledge and Skills Level, and provided you have passed F6, F7 and F9 you can opt to undertake the BSc in Accounting from Oxford Brookes University before proceeding with the Professional papers. This degree has been jointly designed by the Oxford Brookes University and ACCA to meet the requirements of a degree and also those of a professional qualification giving you a leading edge to build a successful career.

Students of ACCA are now automatically registered for the Oxford Brookes University degree when they enrol with ACCA. As soon as they have completed all exams for the Knowledge and Skills Level of the ACCA’s professional examinations, and the Professional Ethics module, they may submit a “Research and Analysis Project” to Oxford Brookes University which will be assessed by Oxford Brookes University Business School staff. For up-to-date requirements and procedures please visit the ACCA website.

Brighter Future

Accounting is crucial to the functioning of organisations, the global economy and to the development of societies. We are at the leading edge of Accounting & Finance developments at Osborne Training and this innovation is reflected in our study resources. Our study resources are highly rated by professional accountants. Our study package includes traditional technical accounting & finance study material prepared by qualified accountants from professional body like ACCA. Therefore, our aim is to produce well-rounded professional leaders of the future.

Accounting jobs you could qualify for

  • Financial Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Finance Executive
  • Audit Manager

In these roles, you could earn on average £56,000 per year (Source: Reed Salary Checker)

ACCA Courses Fees

Courses Mode of Study
Classroom Based Online Live Distance Learning
Regular Fee Discounted Fee Regular Fee Discounted Fee Regular Fee Discounted Fee
Knowledge Level (3 Papers) £995 £595
Skills Level (6 Papers) £1,895 £1,095
Fundamental level (9 Papers) £2,500 £1,495
Each paper individually £450 £350

*Discounted Fees are available for Limited Period.

Payment Options

You may choose any of the following options to pay for your course

By Debit/Credit Card: You can pay in full on our website using the Enrol Online option. You may be eligible to claim a free Tablet PC (Eligibility Criteria Applies, Find More Here)

Flexible Payment Option: You may consider paying your fees over 6, 9, or 12 monthly instalments at 0% Interest through Student Loan. Initially, you pay 10% of the course fees and then the rest of the amount over the loan period as a monthly direct debit. Our payment plans are provided by Duology Finance, any credit agreement you enter into is subject to a credit check and will be governed by Duology/Omni Capital Retail Finance’s terms and conditions. (Find More Here)
Employer Funded: If your current employer is likely to fund the Course, please send us your employer details (Name, Address, email address, Telephone, and Contact Person) and we will send a Customised Course proposal to ensure a smooth enrolment experience. An invoice for the Employer can also be raised if required. (Find More Here)

Once payment is completed, please complete the enrolment form provided in the welcome/Course Enrolment Confirmation email.

Booking with Deposit

Fees are discounted for a Limited period, therefore early booking is always advisable, you can book your course by paying as little as £100 Deposit* specially if you are not ready to start your course now. Therefore, even when the course fee increases it does not affect you. When you book with a deposit, we can book your place for 6 months from the payment date. If you start the course within 6 months of the booking the deposit amount will be deducted from the total Course fees.

Click Here to book with a deposit.

*Please note, all deposit payments are non-refundable.

If you have further questions about the course please complete the “Get Course Information Kit” form to get the updated fee information.

On completion, you should receive an email with the updated course fee information & available Course start dates. One of our course advisors will also be in touch to check whether you require any further support.

Additional 10% Discount Available for Individuals who are working or worked within the last two years, as a key worker in the following sector:

  • NHS
  • Health and Care
  • Supermarkets
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Security
  • Armed Forces


  1. Evidence of employment is required
  2. Course funding must be by the individual
  3. Discount is not available with any other offer

You can pay for the course fees in the following ways

  • Self Funded
  • Private Education Loan
  • Employer-Funded

Finally, please get in touch to find out the course fees and whether you qualify for the course by calling on 0203 608 7179 or fill out the “Get Course Information Kit” form on this page. One of our specialist course advisers will get back to you within 1 working day.

ACCA Course Contents & Guidance

There are three units at this level.

You’ll learn about the role of accounting in the business environment and develop the practical skills and techniques required of an accountant.

Applied Knowledge

Applied Knowledge is the entry level to the ACCA accounting qualification. If you have no previous qualifications, then you should complete the final level of the AAT or FIA Diploma first, before moving on to ACCA.

Students with two A-Levels and three GCSEs in five separate subjects (including English and Maths) or with a non-relevant degree or NVQ qualification can proceed directly on to the Applied Knowledge level.

There are three subjects in the Applied Knowledge level and these can be sat in any order.

Knowledge exams

Exams for the three Knowledge subjects are available to sit as a Computer Based Exam (CBE) at your local ACCA Exam centre.

Computer Based Exams

  • Available all year round (subject to availability)
  • Objective test and multi-task questions
  • 2 hour exam with a pass mark of 50%

Computer Based Exams consist of objective test questions and multi-task questions (MTQs). MTQs contain a series of tasks for students to complete, tasks which relate to one or more scenarios.

Knowledge exemptions

If you are AAT, FIA or CAT qualified or hold a relevant degree (e.g. Accountancy, Finance, Law or Management) then you may be eligible for exemptions from the Knowledge level. You must apply for exemptions through ACCA when you register with ACCA as a student.

We advise doing this before you begin the level to ensure you start your studies at the correct point. You can check to see if you qualify for any exemptions on the ACCA website.

ACCA Applied Knowledge Level Units


  • F1 Accountant in Business
  • F2 Management Accounting
  • F3 Financial Accounting (INT)

ACCA Applied Skills Level

Skills Module

Subjects can be sat in any order. Students can sit up to four subjects in one exam sitting and a maximum of eight per year. You can overlap with Applied Knowledge as long as this level is being completed.

Applied Skills exams

LW is available as a Computer Based Exam (CBE)  all year round at various ACCA approved centres. Both written and computer based versions of the LW exam are two hours long with no reading time. ENG and GLO versions of the exam are only examined by CBE in the UK. With the exception of LW, exams for the Applied Skills subjects are available as Session CBEs sat at ACCA centres and there are four exam sittings per year.

In the UK, Applied Skills subjects are only examined by Session CBE. In some countries the subjects are still also available as Paper Based Exams (PBE) which take place at the same time as the Session CBE. Find out more about Session CBEs in your location.

Session CBEs are three hours 20 minutes long plus up to 10 minutes to read the pre-exam instructions. PBEs are three hours long with 15 minutes reading time. Find out more about the CBE exam format.

The pass mark for all subjects is 50%.

Applied Skills exemptions

If you have a relevant degree in Accountancy, Finance, Law or Management you may be eligible for exemptions from the some or all of the Applied Skills level. You must apply for exemptions through ACCA when you register with ACCA as a student.

We advise doing this before you begin the level to ensure you start your studies at the correct point. You can check to see if you qualify for any exemptions on the ACCA website.

Applied Skills Level Units

  • F4 Corporate and Business Law (UK) (LW)
  • F5 Performance Management (PM)
  • F6 Taxation (TX-UK)
  • F7 Financial Reporting (FR)
  • F8 Audit and Assurance (AA)
  • F9 Financial Management (FM)
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