Terms of Job Placement

  1. In the terms Job Placement is also referred as Internship and work Placement
  2. Candidates must complete their training within the term limit; failure to do so may result in an automatic conclusion of the contract.
  3. OSBORNE TRAINING expects the Candidates to arrive for the training sessions as per the scheduled times. There will be no time rebate for late arrivals.
  4. OSBORNE TRAINING does not take any Responsibility for the loss of student’s personal items at the training centre. Candidates are expected to keep their personal belongings safely.
  5. OSBORNE TRAINING expects cleanliness from all our candidates. Candidates will be asked to clear their workstation before Candidates leave the centre.
  6. OSBORNE TRAINING has the right to use student’s pictures and testimonials for marketing purpose.
  7. Non-compliance with any terms may lead to dismissal from the training courses or Job Placement, and where dismissal is made no refund would be provided.
  8. All the accounting work placements are unpaid and are available to provide practical experience in accountancy.
  9. The minimum commitment is one fixed day per week. The hours are 10am to 2pm. The duration of the placement would be 3 Months. Even when you choose remote Job Placement.
  10. The work placement opportunity is only available to individuals who have attended applicable training sessions with Osborne Training.
  11. Candidates have to start the work placement within two weeks of completion of the relevant training
  12. Osborne Training is happy to provide a reference on successful completion of the work placement.
  13. Candidates must provide two referees before the start of the work Placement.
  14. The Job placement is a voluntary service provided by Osborne Training ; in no way it has any monetary value.
  15. Osborne Training reserves the right to stop providing this service without any further notice and without any compensation to any parties.
  16. Osborne Training does not charge any fees for the job placement and it is not a compulsory part of any training services it provides.
  17. Osborne Training reserves the right to change the terms of the Job Placement at any time without giving any advance notice, therefore it is the candidate’s responsibility to regularly check for any changes in the terms and conditions.
If you are an accountancy student without accounting experience it is difficult to get accounting jobs. Osborne Training Centre arranges accounting work experience for students. By Learning accountancy and getting Practical accounting work experience, you may qualify for accountancy jobs, trainee accountant jobs, accounts assistant jobs, accounting work experience and entry level accounting jobs.

How to get a job in accounting?