AAT Bookkeeping Fast Track - Classroom Based


AAT Bookkeeping Fast Track – Classroom Based

£1,990.00 available on subscription from £182.00 / Month

AAT Bookkeeping Level 2 and Level 3 Fast Track course accelerates foundational and advanced bookkeeping skills for swift proficiency in finance roles.

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What's Included?

  • 4 Course Books (Tutorial)  (CLICK HERE for a Sample)
  • 4 Workbooks for Practice Activities
  • Lectures led by Expert & Qualified Teacher
  • Pass Guarantee Scheme available (Find More Here)
  • IT equipped campus
  • NUS/Totum (Student Discount Card)*
  • Access to State of the Art Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) for additional learning materials for 1 year
  • Free Tablet PC for a Limited Period (when you pay in full upfront, Find More on eligibility)
  • Cheaper Exam Fees for Osborne Training Students
  • Complementary Excel and English for Business courses (Find More)
  • Access to Career Hub for 3 Months – Find More Here

*Please note, NUS/Totum charges £24 for the issue of the card. It will allow you to get discounts in many places.

Bookkeeping focuses on the collection and organisation of financial data, while accounting involves the interpretation and presentation of that data. Both professions offer rewarding career opportunities; it just depends on which one appeals to you the most.

Once you complete all 4 exams for AAT Level 2 and Level 3 Bookkeeping, you can apply to AAT to get the AATQB member status (subject to meeting any further requirements at that time from AAT) which will open up many doors in the Bookkeeping Industry.

After you enrol for the course, please be advised that you need to consider the exam fees and AAT registration Fees.


Instead of paying all at once you can pay the exam fee per unit whenever you are ready to take it.

Click Here to find out the up-to-date list of exam fees at various Osborne Training Exam Centres.

AAT Fees – One-off fee of £65 for Level 2 Bookkeeping and £90 for Level 3 Bookkeeping

payable to AAT.

NOTE: AAT Fees are subject to change, please check on AAT website for current fees, all fees are

correct at the time of publication.

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