SAP Jobs as a Career for SAP Professionals

SAP Jobs as a Career for SAP Professionals

Why SAP as a career

There are wide ranges of SAP jobs roles available. Mainly, large corporations like Vodafone, Morgan Stanley etc. employ sap professionals. The wages or salaries SAP professionals get paid are significantly above the peer average. Some even get six figure salaries per year.

Why SAP salaries are so high

It is due to Demand and supply imbalance. There are huge demands for SAP skills. In contrast, the supply is low as it is one of the most significant sectors suffering from shortage of skills. Therefore, the salaries sap professional get is well above than any other comparable sector.

Reasons for shortage of skills

Firstly, it is not something someone can develop overnight or within few days. It takes vigorous sap training by a qualified instructor. Secondly, you will need to spend significant amount of time on practicing different area of sap functions.

SAP Jobs Roles

There are various job roles available for sap professionals, such as :

SAP Consultant

Or SAP Functional Consultant

SAP Moderator

You can also work as a contractor rather than as an employed professional. Therefore, you are likely to have more flexibility and greater earning potential.

How to develop my skills on SAP

Firstly, you need to decide which functions of SAP you want to be specialised on. If you have background in accounting or tax, you may choose SAP Fico Training. The table below may help you to make better decision:

Educational or Work Background SAP function
Accounting or Tax SAP FI Training, SAP CO Training or SAP FICO Training
DATA Management SAP HANA Training
Sales Data Management or Sales Function Management SAP SD Training
Customer Data Management SAP CRM Training


Once you decided which function you want to go for, then you can attend the appropriate sap courses. Once you finish your sap training, you can keep practicing on the SAP Access provided.

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