AAT Bookkeeping Course: Your Accredited Route to be a Professional Bookkeeper.

AAT Bookkeeping Course: Your Accredited Route to be a Professional Bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping is the activity of recording day-to-day financial transactions for a business.

The records are accurately organised by including amount, dates, sources, expenses, gain and loss transaction. Basically, bookkeeping is a starting point of the accounting process.

For an even better idea of what these financial transactions include, here’re some of them:

• Borrowing money from a bank
• The purchase of supplies with cash
• Rent for the business office
• Salaries and wages earned by employees


A. Why bookkeeping is done?

The bookkeeping system helps derive crucial answers for business owners and managers, such as:

  • Is the business performing fine financially?
  • Or, how to achieve feasible income goals?

The term bookkeeping is often used interchangeably with accounting. Thanks to the closing gap due to the use of computers and accounting software. However, there’s a fine difference between the two.

It all starts with a bookkeeper recording financial transactions in journals, followed by posting the amounts into accounts. Next in the pipeline, an accountant adjusts these entries and prepares the financial statements and other reports.

So bookkeeping and accounting are basically the complementary to each other.


B. Is the AAT bookkeeping Course for You?

Absolutely! AAT bookkeeping course is designed to allow beginners to learn the basics with Level 2 (Foundation). This is a great starting point for newbies to grasp core bookkeeping concepts.

Next, you can dive into the advanced section of bookkeeping with level 3 (Advanced), and be the real bookkeeping pro.

So basically, AAT bookkeeping course guides you to an accredited route into bookkeeping.

We recommend going the fast track way. It offers you both the foundation (Level 2) and advanced (Level 3) courses in a single economic package. Plus, it takes just around 6 months to complete both the bookkeeping qualification courses.


C. What are Career Options after the AAT bookkeeping course?

Once you have completed the AAT bookkeeping qualification course, you are eligible to apply for job roles such as:

• Credit controller
• Bookkeeper
• Sales/purchase ledger clerk
• Accounts senior

Besides, you can increase your earning potential manifolds by passing the qualification examinations conducted by the AAT itself.

Once you have qualified all the five exams, you become an official AAT Bookkeeping member and earn AATQB status. This is a highly regarded position that paves your path to a prosperous career with a big role or promotion ahead.

Alternatively, you can also run your own business as an AAT Licensed Bookkeeper. This is to say, the options are simply unlimited.


D. Why Go With Osborne Training?

  • Osborne Training is a dedicated AAT approved accounting training provider. With years of teaching experience, we have stayed on the top of the industry training standards.
  • Our high student satisfaction rates, high passing rates, and nominations for Innovation in Accountancy Award 2020 speak volumes of our teaching quality and vision we follow.
  • Moreover, we offer flexible payment packages. In addition, you also have multiple options to pay course fees, such as Self-funded, Employer funded, and Private education loan.


D1. Study modes available for AAT Bookkeeping Course

Osborne Training offers three modes of study for AAT bookkeeping qualification course:

  • Classroom-based course: With evening, weekend, and daytime sessions, this study mode offers the AAT bookkeeping course in the UK at one of the Osborne Training centres.
  • Online Live: You can attend AAT Bookkeeping course online with live interactive online classes and state-of-the-art virtual learning campus (VLC).
  • Distance Learning: This mode serves the purpose of self-paced learning. You get study material and access to online resources through VLC for complete learning and exam preparation.


D2. How to Get Started?

Please get in touch with us at 0203 608 7179 or reach out to us through the contact form on the Contact us page.

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