Osborne Training

Books from Osborne books are highly rated by aat courses students from all over the world.

Osborne Books for AAT Courses

We use books from Osborne Books publication for all of our AAT accounting and AAT bookkeeping qualifications.

Books are provided as tutorials or study text where students can read and understand easily the topics required for aat exams. Where Workbooks are provided, students can practice number of activities on various topics to prepare themselves efficiently for the aat exams. No wonder, the aat exam pass rate is 96% for our AAT qualifications students.

Strategic Partnership with Osborne Books

Our partnership with Osborne Books provide us opportunities to offer high quality study material, tutorial, practice activities and expert tuition to our aat students who want to stay ahead of the competition and build a successful career.

AAT Accounting

AAT accounting qualification is  a globally recognised accounting qualification. With more than 140,000 members worldwide AAT is no 1 choice for many students who want build a career in accounting and bookkeeping.

AAT Level 1

The starting level is AAT Access also known as AAT Level 1. It is suitable for who lack basic numeracy skills and introductory knowledge of accounting.

AAT Level 2

This level is most popular and suitable for majority of the students who want to start a career in accounting. After completing 5 exams you get a certificate on AAT level 2 Foundation certificate in Accounting.

AAT Level 3

This is the advanced level of aat qualification. After completing 6 exams you get a certificate on AAT level 3  advanced certificate in Accounting.

AAT Level 4

This is the professional level of aat qualification. After completing 6 exams you get a certificate on AAT level 4 professional certificate in Accounting.

Finally, after completing AAT level 4 you can use the title MAAT after your name subject to meeting AAT requirements of CPD and experience existing at the time.

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