Certified SAGE 50 Payroll Online Courses | Level 1-3, Fast Track Training

Certified SAGE 50 Payroll Online Courses | Level 1-3, Fast Track Training


Are you a small business owner who want to accelerate payroll operations so as to spare time for other responsibilities too?

Or, do you want to up-skill yourself in payroll functions to enhance your career prospects in accounting or finance sector?

If you said ‘Yes’, then it’s time to get on with “sage payroll online courses”.

Read on and you’ll know:

  • What is Sage 50 Payroll, and
  • Why it’s such a hot-skill in the market today

Next up is how Osborne Training provides these online courses for Sage Payroll, followed by a quick overview of all these courses.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


A. What is Sage 50 Payroll?

‘Sage 50 Payroll’ or ‘Sage Payroll’ is the employee payroll management solution for small and mid-size businesses, developed by Sage Group.

This market-leading payroll software provides wide-ranging payroll capabilities such as:

  • Creating compliant payslips
  • Paying employees accurately
  • Calculation of cost of wages
  • Easy Management for-
    • Leave, Absence, overtime
    • Bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, hourly payments
  • Managing VAT records
  • Reporting to managers and HMRC
  • Printing payslips, P60s and payroll reports


A1. Here’re Some Top Features of Sage Payroll System

  • Keeps you up to date with legislation, complies with SARS requirements
  • Generates financial reports in SDL, UIF, PAYE and IRP5s standards
  • Supports RTI (Real Time Information)- easy to submit PAYE and National insurance data to HMRC
  • Provides business capabilities such as tax filing and HR data management

Moreover, Sage Payroll seamlessly integrates with other software meant for accounting, time management and, payments.


B. How Sage Payroll Course Boosts Your Employability?

Running payroll is one of the significant components of managing a business. But executing it all manually is quite a complex and labour-intensive task.

And that’s exactly when business owners see payroll software as a ray of hope for help with the process.

“A payroll software lets you effortlessly carry out routine payroll operations such as- paying employees, managing deductions, filing taxes and much more, making the payroll running job easier.”

Now, if you start listing out the names of some top payroll software in the market, Sage Payroll simply outscores its competitors by a wide margin in terms of usability and features.

This is one of the reasons why more and more businesses are shifting to this next-generation Sage Payroll system and seeking employees skilled in this payroll software.

Thousands of businesses use sage payroll globally, including some big names such as Nottingham City Council, Ground Control, Larking Gowen, Go Train LTD.

However, the number of such skilled individuals is very scarce, due to a large number of different payroll systems available in the market. What this has done is created opportunities for anyone looking for a career in payroll.

So, you can easily fill up this vacuum and secure a high-paying job by specialising in the payroll niche, with a course in Sage Payroll.


C. How Osborne Training Delivers Sage Payroll Online Courses?

Osborne Training provides Sage Payroll online course training through its world-class Virtual Learning Campus (VLC). The VLC comes loaded with all the useful study resources and provides direct access to the advanced online learning platform.

This platform lets you learn in real-time as the tutors conduct live virtual classes. Moreover, it facilitates interaction with your tutor and fellow students as well.


C1. Free Sage 50 Payroll Session- [Video Tutorial]

Here’s a free Sage 50 Payroll Tutorial session for you to get a quick idea of how these online classes actually work.


C2. Why Choose Osborne Training for Sage Payroll Training?

• AAT approved Training Provider
• Rated 4.96 by our students
• The world-class online learning platform
• State of the art Virtual Learning Campus (VLC)
• Highly experienced expert tutors
• Scenario-based training on Sage 50 Payroll
• CPD Completion Certificate to boost your CV


C3. A Quick Overview of Sage Payroll Online Courses

Our structured and flexible Sage Payroll online courses are designed in line with the latest changes in the payroll sector.

After completing these practical step-by-step courses, you’ll be able to perform basic to advanced sage payroll functions such as Payroll processes and HMRC reporting and payments.

This course is for you if you want to-
• develop a career in payroll
• start a payroll outsourcing business
• want to take control of payroll function in your business
• improve your skills in Sage Payroll software


  1. Sage Payroll Training: Level 1– (Beginner)
    • Duration- 2 Weeks
  2. Sage Payroll Training: Level 2– (intermediate)
    • Duration- 2 Weeks
  3. Sage Payroll Training: Level 3– (advanced)
    • Duration- 2 Weeks
  4. Sage Payroll Training – Fast Track (Level 1-3 combo)
    • Duration- 6 Weeks (once a week)


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