#7 Proven Tips to Grab Your Desired Job in Accountancy

#7 Proven Tips to Grab Your Desired Job in Accountancy


You want to land a great job in accounting and also have the qualifications for it. But the twist is, everyone else has them too.

Now what? How do you stand out from the crowd to be even noticed by the employer?

Well, if these lines reflect your concerns, the tips below are just for you.

Read them and apply to turn the odds in your favour.


1. Experience Charms Employers

That’s true. The larger the “work experience” section in your CV is, the higher your chances of getting the job you wish for are.

However, if you’re just starting out, build some experience first bit by bit.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Keep an open mind Grab temporary or fixed-term contract-based jobs in the beginning. The principal goal here is to gain some experience first. And then, it will just be a piece of cake for you to secure a permanent or your desired job role.
  • Go the internship way– This is a great option for getting experience in your intended sector. Alternatively, unpaid volunteer work is also a good choice to make your CV impactful.


2. Have You Got the Right Qualifications?

It is essential to hold relevant professional qualifications for the job you crave. For example: if you’re willing to go for accountancy roles, you must have an accounting qualification(s), preferably from AAT.

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualifications are respected by employers worldwide. And hence, prefer AAT qualified accountants and bookkeepers for their accountancy and bookkeeping operations.

AAT offers:


3. Highlight Your Achievements

It is true that there is no dearth of jobs for accountancy professionals. But you need to set yourself apart from the applicants for the top-level roles.

Just include a few academic achievements or your successful work projects and there you have it- an effective CV that is sure to give you an edge over your competitors for the applied role.


4. Upgrade Yourself With Technical Skills

As more and more accounting and bookkeeping firms are digitalising, the need for accounting professionals with strong computer skills has surged.

Therefore, getting yourself comfortable with data skills and software like Excel is more likely to project you as a strong candidate.

Tip– AAT offers “Access or Foundation award in accounting software” that gives you official recognition in these basic computer skills.


5. Emphasize Your Soft Skills

While formal qualifications and technical skills dominate the recruitment process, don’t underestimate the soft skills too.

Employers love to see skills like teamwork, good communication, flexibility, and problem-solving in their potential employees. Outlining these abilities in your CV through your past projects greatly helps to improve your job prospects.

If you are ready to improve on your soft skills, join some relevant voluntary work. Post-completion, these skills will work as an effective CV booster.


6. Engage in Networking

Networking within the industry is a proven way to make significant progress in your career. In addition to getting faster info about new vacancies, you are also more likely to be picked when you are known in the industry.

Attend the networking events. Keep yourself updated with the latest issues and news about your industry. Stay confident, and leave an impression on others in a subtle manner.


7. Got any Language Skills? A Plus Point for You

A job in a multinational firm is most wished for.

But do you know when this job gets even more amazing; when you climb your way to the top. And language skills can really help you with that by presenting you as a suitable candidate for the role.

So, don’t forget to mention these often-overlooked skills that can positively affect your career.



So, there you have it, 7 tips to get your desired job in accounting.

In conclusion, find opportunities to gain experience in your related field. The goal is to turn yourself fitting for the job role you deserve by acquiring relevant computer skills and improving your soft skills.

Moreover, ad-hoc skills like language too can help you move up the corporate career ladder.

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