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Osborne Training proudly presents you the Birmingham campus for accredited AAT courses. This new centre is an extension to our network of best-in-class study centres available in London and Watford.

Osborne Training Birmingham is committed to delivering high quality practical accounting training, which has helped us become the top-rated training provider in the UK.

This campus is a result of the love & support by our massive student community as well as the demand by the potential students residing in and nearby Birmingham.

Being an approved AAT training provider, Osborne Training effectively helps you qualify for a successful accounting career, which our high pass rates are a clear proof of.



A. AAT Courses Offered at Birmingham Campus

a) AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate Courses

Accounting Level 2 Training Timings:

    • Evening: 6 pm to 9 pm
    • Weekend: on Saturdays, daytime
    • Weekdays

Resources provided: 

    • Latest tutorials, books, workbooks, and additional study material to prepare you for all the five AAT level 2 exams.
      This course covers basic costing, bookkeeping controls and transactions, in-depth knowledge of finance, and training on Sage 50 accounting software.


b) AAT Level 3 Courses for Advanced Diploma in Accounting

Training Timings:

    • Evening: 6 pm to 9 pm
    • Weekend: on Saturdays, daytime
    • Weekdays

Resources provided:

    • Latest tutorials, books, workbooks, and additional study material to get you ready for all five AAT level 3 exams in order to ensure that you pass them in one go.


c) AAT Level 4 Courses for Professional Diploma in Accounting

Training Timings:

    • Evening: 6 pm to 9 pm
    • Weekend: on Saturdays, daytime

 Resources provided:

    •  Latest tutorials, books, workbooks, and additional study material to enable you to qualify all six AAT Level 4 Exams in a single attempt.


Additional Resource: Once you get started with classroom-based AAT courses in Birmingham, we provide you access to a Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) account.

This online resource provides even more helpful study material, interactive tests, and networking with other fellow students. Our VLC resources have been proven to increase success rate in AAT qualification exams.

How to Access Your VLC Account?

You can access your VLC account via:

  • Any PC/mobile browser, or
  • Osborne Training Mobile Apps (available at Google Play Store)

Osborne Training




B. About AAT Courses in Birmingham:

What is AAT?

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is a highly-respected globally recognised accounting qualification. It provides you with a badge of excellence for practical and real-world accounting skills.


Why Choose AAT?

With AAT certificate in accountancy, you not only boost your employability but also clear your path for the best-paying accounting jobs out there.

But, why stop at just a job when you can also-

  • become a chartered accountant while enjoying exemptions with the certified UK chartered bodies and accountancy firms.
  • launch your accounting practice, or
  • progress to university with 160 UCAS points, provided by AAT.


Once you qualify with either AAT accounting qualification or AAT bookkeeping qualification, you get an ‘AAT qualified’ status.

Speaking from the salary point of view, a newly qualified AAT member easily earns around £21,600 annually.

Till now over 1000,000 people have earned this title seeing the growing demand of AAT qualified professionals by the businesses and organisations.


About our AAT Courses in Birmingham

Our AAT courses follow the latest industry standards to ensure high success rate in the exams. Plus, the courses also increase your career opportunities in accountancy with the functional and practical training.

What’s more, being one of the largest AAT training providers, we impart uncompromised quality of education, which is evident by our student satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5.



C. Facilities and Amenities Available at Birmingham Centre

Osborne Training offers a distraction-free and favourable space for studying AAT courses in Birmingham.

Campus Features

  • Updated study material
  • Expert tutors
  • State of the Art Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) account
  • Free exam preparation kit
  • Free Sage/Excel course for AAT Accounting Qualification(depending on the level of qualification)
  • Comfortable Study Environment
  • Flexible Payment Options

Facilities Available

  • Advanced IT Lab
  • Cafeteria
  • Disabled Friendly
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lift
  • Exam Service
  • Parking Service Nearby


Centre Location:

Osborne Training Birmingham is a 2 minute (0.1 miles) walk from “Birmingham Snow Hill station”.

The campus being located in the central city is well-connected with the rest of the UK.


Osborne Training,
65 Church St,
Birmingham B3 2DP


OSBORNE TRAINING Birmingham- Campus View

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Birmingham Centre is currently undergoing maintenance and is temporarily closed